I'm stuck in an awkward/creepy situation and I don't know how to get out?

Basically, I was flirting with a guy at my school that my best friend found out liked me. After three days of flirting with me (hardly telling me anything about himself and vice versa - he wouldn't let me), he had already invited me to go to NYC with his family for Christmas, told my friends he was going to ask me out and kiss me, said "I love you," and wrote me a gushy song that said he thought I loved him too.
I had a tiny crush on him when this began, but after it all, I was so creeped out to the point where I never want a relationship with this guy. He's not the kind of person to listen when you tell him to slow down and respect boundaries, so I knew that if I ever dated him, he would rush sex and try to force me into it.
Oh, there's another problem. He's my male escort to my friends Quincenera court. My friend won't let me change, even though she knows he makes me uncomfortable, and now I'm going to be pressed up against him twice a week for four months.

How do I
1. Tell him to back the hell off and leave me alone if he still wants to be my friend
And 2. Deal with him trying to grab my ass and kiss me while I'm slow dancing with him
And he plays rugby, so I wouldn't be able to get away if he tried to grab me or something.
Yes, I know this sounds immature and stupid - I should just tell him to leave me alone - but I'm not sure how to even do THAT.. I'm only a freshman so I don't know how to deal with this kind of thing..
Any kind of help would be appreciated


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  • He's infatuated and it's blinding him. You'll have to put up with the awkward situation, how you manage it is important. I don't understand why you can't back out. Just because your friend won't allow you? Pretty sure it's your life, make your own choice to go or not.

    • Thanks.. I think my problem is that I don't want to do anything because I'll hurt him and my friend. I'm going to tell him to back off and I'll deal with my friend's opposition to it.

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  • You tell him your not into him the way he's into you. I think you should mention it to your parents too. Tell them you'll talk to him first and if he's being pushy tell your parents to talk to him. I can't see this ending well. He seems like a stalkerish pushy type you should stay away from.

  • Are you playing along though is the big question?

    • I told him to back off once, and all he did was complain to my friend that he "messed up."
      I guess I was playing along at first, but I was only trying to see if he would be a good guy for me. Once all the creepy stuff started happening, I decided that I wasn't playing along anymore because I didn't want to make him go any further.