The first date didn't go as expected, please help?

Hello, i'm 19 years old and about a month ago i've met a girl, we spoke A LOT over texto, she even gave me her number first. We texted a lot, she we're really interested, every text i sent her, she had her phone already opened waiting for me reply, everytime. Then i showed a picture of her to my sister, and they are actually friend but not that close, my sister told me she usually don't reply right away to text but she always did to me. She was so cute over texto, when i told her i was working nightshift, she said *so i'm going to sleep alone ): ?* She told me that twice, she was so cute.

Then i ended up inviting her to a classy restaurent, she accepted and she didn't want me to pay for the restaurent, i said it was fine. She really liked me, she told me about 4 times she was excited to meet me. The part that i knew she was the right one, is when she said *don't expect anything, i'm just a normal girl* i just fell, this was just too cute.

Then we ended up meeting at the restaurent, she was beauthiful, she was a princess, then we sat at the table and i started talking, her eyes and smile we're perfect, just perfect... i was really nervous, i was shy but i was keeping the conversasion up, i didn't make her laugh that much, i was asking her A LOT of questions, because i didn't know what to talk about. I asked her twice if we would see eachother again, she said probably yes, with a cute smile. Then when she left, we got outside and she called her mom to pick her up, i asked her if she wanted to go to cinema one day, she said yes, i will text you. Then her mom arrived and i was on the phone LIKE AN IDIOT, she left and she stayed next to me about 5 seconds, i'm sure she was waiting for a hug or maybe a kiss? nope, i didn't do any of that, i just said bye :)

I then texted her i enjoyed the diner, and she said me too but i don't think it will go further, we can stay friends still? :)
I have no idea what i did wrong... Should i text her again? help T_T


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  • Honey, you are so overthinking this. All of it. You like this girl so much, I understand, you were so nervous you wanted everything to be perfect. I see absolutely nothing wrong with what you did during the date. You were nice to her, offered to pay, and keep the convo up. Pretty good for a first date!
    Dont call and apologize. That makes you sort of look like you have no confidence in yourself or the date.
    give her a few days. Then call her and ask her in a really confident voice to go on another date. You can do it.

    • well, the thing is she deleted me on Facebook, i have no idea why... and if i call her randomly, wouldn't it be wierd?

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    • oh OK I didn't know that part.. Well it sounds like she isn't looking for anything right now. You can try and invite her and yes say as a friend. If she refuses then I wouldn't bother with her anymore.

    • Well the thing is she is on badoo, wich is a dating site. I guess she said that she didn't want a relationship because she wasn't interested? When she was texting me before the date, she was very interested, she wa a telling me she would be sleeping alone since I was working nightshift... I feel like I missed an awesome girl.. she was perfect for me... I never had a girlfriend before and I wish I would have more experience so I didn't do any mistake :(

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  • What are you doing, mate. Listen, the whole being on the phone part, is what I think sent this to kingdom come. With women, the right lady, all the fancy stuff, the good resturants, fancy clothes, all that means nothing if the Bloke their with is some prick who doesn't care. You should have not been on your phone and you know that so don't do it again... ever!
    How to fix it? Well, really, you probably can't. Sounds like she's made up her mind. BUT, sometimes time may work in your favour and she may, just may, change her mind. So, like mentioned below, give it a few days, 2 should be fine and then suggest going to somewhere ordinary just to talk and this time, have things to talk about. DOn't ever let the converstaion go dead. There are ways to keep any conversation going (Ask if you want to know :) )
    Good luck man, I honestly do wish you all the best

    • thank you, but how do i ask her out? if she already said it wouldn't go further and stuff... i really like her man you don't even know... the last message i sent her was i didn't want things to go too fast, i was just shy. she seen it but didn't reply.

    • No worries, mate, I hear you. We all make mistakes, but in cases like these, with Women in particluar, it's volatile. How long ago did you send her that message?

  • Why were you on your phone when it was time to say goodbye to your date?

    If she doesn't want to see you again, she just didn't feel a connection. You sound like you didn't either, if you couldn't think of things to talk about and felt you were having to keep the conversation going.

    • I was on the phone to call my step father to pick me up... i feel so bad.. i told her i was sorry about that but no... i wish girls would give the good guys a second chance...

  • How long ago was it? Give it a few days - let her think about it for a few days with no contact from you then ask her to go for coffee or something - a bit more low key than a fancy restaurant so she can get to know you a bit better.

    • That is a good idea, but i already wrote a big text to her telling her i was sorry if i did a mistake, and that i was really shy and such. She said *thanks for the compliment but i don't think i'm ready for a relation ship, i'm sorry ):* We met on badoo, wich is a dating APP, if you get on badoo and you don't want a relationship, then you are doing something wrong. She definitely said that to get me away maybe? i just wanna text her again but i don't know what to say, she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship, wich is obviously not true, she posted on Facebook *when am i going to find the right person ):?* Anyway, she ended up deleting me on Facebook, maybe because she was waiting for me to text her, do you think that's the reason?

  • I think she just doesn't like you but didn't really want to break it to you over the date. Might be best to just move on

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