How do I go about dating a guy with a baby?

This guy and i have had a thing since we first met. He is really sweet and took him two months to get my number so a little shy too. Thing is i have dated guys with children before and they didn't turn out. It killed me to have to put the child through that cuz the child would always get attached and so would i. So how do i go about this one and not have the same thing happen. Cuz the child is so young and if this guy and i do start dating it will kill me if it doesn't work out and i don't want the little one callin me mom if this doesn't work. The little guy has already grown an attachment to me and i only seen him three times. I get cuddles and hugs even kisses from the little guy. Doesn't help i am good with kids either. So how do i go about this. Any advise would be great. I do like the guy and want to give it a shot. Please help.


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  • I think just try and do the best you can with the situation. If it's meant to be then things will work out. If not then don't be too hard on yourself about the child getting attached and things working out of not. Yes it would hurt and it wouldn't be a pretty site if things didn't work out. But at least your giving it a shot and trying. Sometimes you have to enjoy the ride no matter what happens. Why haven't your other relationships with guys with kids not work out? Did the baby mama come back into the picture?

    • No the ones i dated before with kids either cheated on me or i refused to be treated with the women belong in the kitchen type bs. I do agree with the just go with the flow and if it is meant to be it will work out. Just hate the child getting hurt in the process. They don't know any different and to try and explain it to them is really hard. This guy's little one is so adorable it is hard not to get attached lol. I have been just wingin it with this one and he likes me for who i am so my fingers are kind of crossed.

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    • Thanks for the advise and the support. You seem like a very honest and a decent person. Thank u

    • Thank you for selecting my answer as the most helpful. And also thank you very much for the nice and cool compliments. You seem like a very honest and decent person as well. And I hope things work out for you. And thank you again. :)

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  • I wouldn't date a girl with a baby, too much baggage

    • I take it your not a kid person

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