Didn't get a chance to get this girl's number. Is it desperate to ask over Facebook?

I went out with my cousin last night, was being sort of the "big brother" since she's not used to drinking.

Met up with my friend and his girlfriend, and her friend I always thought was cute. I made her laugh, teased her, flirted, etc. We seemed to hit it off!

Toward the end of the night we were walking out and I had to go find my drunk cousin. I guess I wimped out a little, and I was in a hurry to find my cousin. Also we were in a big group so I thought it may have been awkward to ask for her number.

Anyways, she lives around me so I may see her again, but I don't know when. Would it be creepy/desperate to friend her on Facebook and give her my number? I figured if she likes me it wouldn't matter... but don't wanna come off as desperate. What should I do?"

We're both 24


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  • Just playfully mention how u were having so much fun that u forgot to ask for her #... then ask for it.

    As long as she remembers you, it's not a big deal.

    Life happens.


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  • Depends on how you ask. You can either play it off cool and try and possibly get her number. Or you could wimp out again and miss your chance. If you say it right, it won't look desperate even if she happens to turn you down.

  • I'd prefer it be asked in person.


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