Am I going to hear from him again on what I did?

I am into this guy. He's the type of guy who is always out of town for work and when he's gone we seldom message each other since I know he's busy. And he is the one who start the conversation everytime he's out. We had sex the second time we saw each other and I told him that the sex was fast and even added some of the things that I like during doing the deed and his reaction was "at least now I know" what I didn't tell him that I still enjoyed it. Will it be a negative for him or is it ok? Am going to hear again from him or nah?


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  • Well, wouldn't hurt to add that part in.

    • Well I didn't but we were joking around what happened that night. And I told him that he's still sexy and cute. I have mixed thoughts on him if he still wants to continue what we had started.

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    • I wouldn't take it as a big deal.

    • Everything will almost be the same?

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