I missed my date with this guy, who is now travelling for 6 months... Could it be more as he is coming back?

I've been single for over a year now, and 2014 was the year of getting my life in order. New job, move and career back on track.

I've been on a few dates, but to be honest got fairly bored by havingto do the administration and i never really sparked with any of them. And I flit between yeah single life is great to i probably won't meet anyone, deep down thinking that this hopefully isn't true.

However I had met one guy, well virtually that is through an online dating site, we arranged a date back in Oct and I either couldn't be bothered or forgot, to be honest a combination of both.

Either which way, he did remind me of the penciled in date, to which I apologised. I suggested another time, to which he said he was going travelling for 9 months. I asked where, I found that it was to some countries I had lived in. So this common ground grew.

We have now been chatting most days, he has gone to a few places I suggested, he is sharing photos of his world and I share them back.
He keeps hinting that he is surprised I haven't gone off to sleep with anyone, and genuinely I haven't. He keeps making reference in a jokey fashion to this girls a keeper and have a similar sense of humour, banter and we have skyped a few times. We have even suggested meeting if I take a break soon, while he is on his trip.

I think honestly if anything I get a friend out of this, then that's cool. But could this be more? Are the signs obviouse and I am just doubting myself. I don't want to emotionally commit to the "idea" of it, which I think most girls do by thinking 6 months ahead of where the guy is. I think its more of how does he currently view me is the question?
I don't want to get hurt again my last relationship was horrible and reading back on my past questions this time last year I feel like its a different person. The next relationship I have I want to be a solid one. I have a mantra of "I have a boyfriend, I just haven' t found him yet.
Help needed thanks


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  • Hmmm I think u should arrange to meet up with him overseas that would be so cool, can u do it?

    • Yeah I can, I want a break and I can afford it, maybe for a week with him. I don't want to wait another 5 months and he seemed pretty positive about it. He's on my fb and we have ft so I can trust heis catfish

    • Just do it! Life's too short. Good luck,

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  • Honestly I say go for it!! What can you lose from this? He's giving you subtle hints "this girls a keeper" also he is sharing his trip with you and putting effort in talking to you while he's away on his trip. See where this experience takes you. You might just end up being good friends or something more. It's hard to connect with people and you seem to be vibing with him. Plus 6 months goes by so fast. It gives you time to get your life together, plus that would be fun to go visit him, it's kind of spontaneous 😊

  • I honestly can't see this going anywhere. He's going to be gone for months and you don't even know him so how can you build a relationship when you're not physically together. I would date men who are near you and available. If you find yourself still single when he gets back then you can see if he wants to give it a go but I wouldn't wait around for him.

    • I get what your saying totally, I will say he is a friend and even though we haven't had a physical we have skyped. And this communication has been going on for 4 months already. I've been on dates and I just don't click with them. And I got put off online dating to be honest. I go out though I'm active and I have a great career. I'm just not going to sleep around and to be honest these are the type of men I am finding on dates, and cause I don't put out and my hearts not been in it. At least with this other guy I'm getting to know him online. I myself have done long distance relationships before, I know this isn't one by any stretch but its building a friendship which are the foundations.

      What I am asking is or could he see me as a keeper or interested when he gets back?

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