When a guy love a girl and the dose not love him what the should do to leave her or to keep distoping her?

I was dating girl when in class 1 to high school when we enter college we don't get our admintion into disame college, but we used too cominicate on phone something if i call her, a guy used to pick her calls aks who this that he use to pick your call, she told me a friend. oneday i went to her school has get to her i kick the door nobody aswer me i open door i meet a guy on her, i close the door and stand and share tear, she is how being me, after myHearts broken


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  • Brah! Move on man. Delete her from your phone and from any social media. Don't make any attempt to talk to her even if she reaches out to you. Keep your head busy with school and work and you'll survive this. For me it's been 1 month since no contact (NC). Keep strong man you'll get throught this.

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