Confused: Should I text him or wait for him to text me?

So there's a guy I've been talking to, we are basically friends with benefits but we've been getting closer lately. But I want some help with whether i should be the one to message him or not, here's the story:

We were texting here and there during winter break. Then my phone broke so I told him to message me on Facebook if he wants to talk. He was messaging me back and forth nonstop for 3 days or so. Then he stops replying for 2 days and then he sends me a paragraph saying:

"Holy shit, I was just about to message you to tell you im about to hit the road and realized I never replied to that last message and I feel terrible now! :("

"I totally thought I had"

Then I said:
"Don't feel bad! it's honestly no big deal. I got my phone replaced though so you can text me on there whenever :)"

and he said oh perfect :) or something, then he told me he'll have to wait to text me because he won't have service on the way to Oregon where his friends live to visit them.

He hasn't texted me in 5 days, and I don't have his number cause of getting a new phone. On snapchat I told him to text me and still, nothing..

Should I wait for him to text me?
Why do you think it's been so long? did he lose interest?

Thanks :)


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  • Will you see him post winter break? He's probably still away so he's not texting you spending time with family and stuff so he's busy he probably still cares for you so you should go and talk with him once school starts he'll be happy to hear from you :)

    • I'm not sure if I'll see him. But there's a big chance I'll see him when school starts up again. So should I just wait til school starts if I'm gonna message him?

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    • its weird though because I told him to text me on snapchat and he still hasn't. I don't have his number anymore because I got a new phone

    • He probably isn't using Data since he's away right so that's what I'd say it is I know when I travel I'm sure to turn data off so I don't get a huge bill.

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