Ending a date - what was your best or worst experience at the end of a date and why?

Sometimes even when you really click with someone the end of a date can be awkward, other times very memorable. Sometimes when you don't click it can be memorable in other ways. What was your best / worst date ending? What happened and how did it effect your opinion of your date?


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  • I had a first date and the guy picked me up at my house and we decided to walk down to the restaurant because it was a nice evening and it wasn't far, after a nice (expensive meal) and pleasant evening, he said he "left his wallet in his car", so I was left to pay. Never heard from him again, shocking.

    • Wow! I'm not sure what to say. That's quite a story. Any super good experiece (s)? you might have had one of the to worst ones that gets listed here.

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    • Oh I have no doubt he set me up. But one bad experience, or plenty more, haven't' deterred me.

    • Good for you! If you can learn from experiences and stay positive you'll lead a richer life.

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