Dating for fun? Is it wrong?

I've never really dated with no intention of a relationship. However, to try and get myself out of my shell and understand how to date again, I created a dating site and wrote out my intentions. I stated I don't hook up and I don't want a relationship and really would just like to hang out and have a nice time with people. I was previously engaged and then got confused by the college hookup culture and decided I don't like that. But I also know I am not ready for a relationship with a guy and do not want to pursue that. I've gone on 2 dates with different guys and have a few other guys asking me out. I pay for myself but don't kiss them or lead them on. I just smile and hang out, really. Even though it's technically a date. After 2 dates, I think these guys may be thinking they'll convince me to hook up or something? They act like they are missing out on something and tend to get defensive with me when I turn down kisses even though I tell them my intentions. So is it wrong to continue doing this? It's nice for me but is it rude to date (even though I always call them friend dates) with no intention of a relationship?


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  • Its not wrong but the deal is that a lot of girls like to play it "hard to get", and they will often say lie you " nonono, im just looking for a friend :)". But many of them, even more true on dating site since some of them can be "desesperate" will still try.

    You have the right to continue, but make sure that you are CLEAR

    Saying " do you want to go on a date with me just as friend", its not enough in my opinion

    Say more like "hi, to be honest, im really not interested in a relationship right now, but i still would like to know more people and just have a good time as friend, Nothing More, is that ok for you? " is way better.

    But still, some men will still just be hoping they will change your mind and convince you to sleep with them. You can't avoid that.

    So, if you accept to deal with that, then, go ahead, continue, just make really sure your CLEAR


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  • It's not wrong and you should continue what you are doing, you are doing right, you are telling them and making yourself clear. I use to do that since I never had a boyfriend and I always made sure that they know and yes they do get offensive but it's up to the guy and not all are like that.


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  • not really you just need to tell people that you're not looking for something serious

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