What do I do if two cute guys who are best friends like me at the same time? I like them both?

So there's these two guys (18 and 17, i'm 15) : one's funny gorgeous and outgoing, the older one is quiet yet funny. The older one has liked me ever since we met and stares at me a lot. I've had a crush on his best friend forever and he likes me too, he blushes tries to make me jealous... but I didn't believe it because he's gorgeous (all the girls like him but he's not a playa). Finally, today I decided that even though he's out of my league i'll do something. So I looked at my crush straight on for about 4 seconds in front of his friend and he couldn't look me in the eyes. He looked down the whole time! I'm not sure what that means. Then his friend tried to make even more overt eye contact with me even more than he usually does. I don't know what to do? Is my crush trying to be considerate or is he shy? Is the other (cute.. ahh) guy trying to get my attention. I always ignored both of them before.


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  • I think your crush is just shy and the other can be willing to get your attention. So, wait a little until you're sure. Think about it very much. As you already know, you can only choose one.


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  • Don't break up their bromance‚úč.

    • That's the last thing I want to do. :/

    • You can't entirely blame it on you though cause they both like you too.