He wants to have coffee, but does he like me?

We have known eachother in a very limited way for a few years now, only seeing eachother about once a year. Last time we saw eachother he gave me his number and I have texted him because I enjoy talking with him. He has mildly flirted with me and seems interested, but we are very different. Now he wants to hang out, do whatever, or have coffee. Do you think this is his way of asking me out?

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  • It's not, no. However treat it like it is. Mentality changes everything.


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  • I usually ask women on coffee dates and walks after. Coffee dates are ALWAYS my first dates. It is just a relaxing environment and a good way to talk to a girl and see if we clique.

  • It seems like it may be his way of trying to get to know you better. Go with it, if you like him!!


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he wants to go out and get to know you better, before he makes his move!