Would you do this girls to your guy to see if he trust you or not?

Girl texted me and said she might have slept with someone the other night but she was tired and doesn't think she did anything... Then when I was asking her she's like I don't think you trust me that much and that she doesn't trust me do you think she did that to see if I trusted her?


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  • Why would you say that to see if someone trusted you? When you trust someone, you kind of have blind faith. You don't "Test" their ability. Do you think she slept with someone, just slept. Or do you think she slept with someone and went to another level?


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  • How can you might have slept with someone it's either you did or you didn't. She's trying to guilt trick you. It's not like she had amnesia and then it went away.
    Just tell her it's either she tells you exactly what happend or it's over. She doesn't deserve you.


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  • No she is trying to manipulate you so you don't ask any more questions. She is up to something.

    To put it another way, even if she was doing that to see if you trust her or not, that is still fucked up and she has problems if she do that. But I don't think she doing that she is fronting.