I'm pretty sure I'm in love with my guy best friend?

I have been friends with this guy for about 5years now. We are both in relationships at this time. He calls me sis and I call him brother. We are so close I dream about him I talk to him 24/7 almost more than I talk to my boyfriend. On new years he sent me a text saying " Happy new year to the best sister a guy could ever have!!! Hope it's the best year of your life!!!" That just made myday! Today we were texting I was getting ready to go out with my boyfriend he said " is ______ with you yet" I told him "no" he said " can I ask you a question " I said "yeah anything" he said " does he treat you right? Tell me the truth cause if he doesn't I will kick his ass" I told him" yes and same goes for you and you're girlfriend" then he said "I'm glad you got a good ol country boy. Cuz ya know they make the best boyfriends. That's why people don't date me cuz im the odd ball that dresses in black and listens to dubstep and heavy metal even tho half
The 8th basketball team likes me ‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‌😂‌ but they ‌all hoes." He is a year younger than me. But he just always there for me no matter what. We go places together all the time we hug all the time. He's just amazing. Yes I love my boyfriend but I have felt this way for my best guy friend for a couple years now. I dont know if i love him for just really like him. Everyone says that we will end up together but I just don't knoww?


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  • You already get along better, so he wins that. The other part is, can you find the sis bro thing a fetish and find him as sexually attractive? If yes, then youve got a winner. Just make sure he's a more reliable invesment long term than you current boyfriend. Sorry guys just sold my soul. Have fun, and dont let me catch you flirting with my best friends as, my bf.


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