What should I expect with my girlfriend?

So i recently asked a question on here, saying I cheated on my gf. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1278788-please-help-me-get-out-of-this

I was not caught, but the girl that I had over left clothes behind and i told my gf, that i was crossdressing. I called her an hour ago and told her the truth and that I cheated. She was extremely mad, and said she would break up with me, but i begged her not to (i even cried). She decided that she would give me one last chance on one condition. She would get to crossdress me in anything she likes for tomorrow. She said if i truly loved her i would do it for her, and if I did it, she would give me one last chance if i promise to never cheat on her again. If i refuse to do it, she said she will break up with me. She said she is gonna take crossdressing me really far if i decide to go with it to see if I truly love her. I am very thankful to my girlfriend that she even gave me a second chance. I only have to get through tomorrow, but what should i expect her to make me wear and do. I am willing to do it for her, and am truly sorry for cheating on her, but i would like to know what i am in for.

Sorry i was trolling :(.


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  • I can at least say, expect make-up... Good luck...

    • Okay... well i think thats probably mild to what i might deal with, but i hope thats all

    • It probably won't be all... I said at least make-up... she'll probably put you through some crud so brace yourself...

    • Okay, thanks for the heads up. I hope it isn't too awful

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  • how old are you?

    • Im 16

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    • Okay. Yeah i think she wants to see if i really do love her. I certainly hope it isn't that bad for me, that sounds pretty embarrassing

    • well just post pic, I want to see how created she is lol

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  • You've asked this before haven't you or are you stealing someone else's lame attempt at trolling?