Mr. Steal yo girl? or mr. Forget the girl?

So I told this girl that I love her, and have loves her for 12 years (we're 16), and she said she used to like me but it was puppy love. For the past few years I've thought she's been giving me hints that she likes me, but when I see her she seems distant and kind of ignores me. Everyone in our families know I like her because I am terrible at hiding my emotions and always buy her expensive presents. She used to tell me everything tha was happening in her life but now she hardly ever responds to my texts. The other day she got a boyfriend and it broke my heart because I thought I was finally going to get my chance with her. Should I try to win her heart? Or just try to forget about her?

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  • I would recommend you to start flirt another girl. No point to think of people who don't need your love. Go on looking for someone who value your love. :)


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  • Forget about her. She's not into you, at least not right now, and she told you so. You just have to accept that. Life isn't like some fairy-tale where you can just keep pestering a girl and eventually she will like you.

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