Does he like me? Would a guy do these things he saw us as just friends?

Initially (past):
We kissed, flirted and he said he really likes me.
But then said he just wants to be friends and wasn't ready for a relationship.
I "got over him."
We stayed friends and there was less flirting for a while ~1 or 2 months.

He tells me he misses me if we are away for more than a day and a half. He texts me a lot all the time.
He tells me I look nice and recently took pictures of me with his phone after saying so and then showed me the pictures. He hand fed me chocolate when we were eating dessert. He hugs an extra long time. We sit close often.
He makes funny inappropriate jokes often.

Would a guy do these things if he saw me as just a friend?

Thanks for all the feed back... he is very confusing. Not sure why he won't ask me out. I am a little afraid to ask him since he is the one who "ended" things the last time we got close.
I like him a lot... and the flirty behavior is fun but I really wish we were kissing etc again... not sure why he hasn't tried that again or if/what he is afraid of... but is driving me crazy.


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  • He likes you. For sure.


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  • He definitely wants to be more than friends.


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  • No like who does he think he is? Tell him to make up his mind because a darling like you won't be waiting around for long.