Does this guy like me? What should I do?

So I like my best guy friend. A lot. We have literally talked the entire break. We have FaceTimed a few times and even once with his friend! At school, he treats me like his guy friends, he messes with me a lot. He also tries to annoy me, especially with his dirty humor. It's hysterical. He also trusts me with a lot of his secrets and feelings. I mean, we have discussed "just being friends" a few times, and both agreed on friends. I don't want to ruin the relationship, but I would like to know if he actually likes me. But knowing him, he would never tell me straight to my face. Does he like me? Should I tell him how I feel? What should I do?


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  • You both have this amazing chemistry and a close knit bond of buds here, Sickchic, and with many boys this age, still wet behind the ears in years, dear, it seems he isn't Into anything really sexual right now, but more Like-----He treats me like his guy friends.
    You both have already had "The talk" of "Just being friends" and it seems this is what he is comfy with at the moment, nothing More and nothing less. He enjoys hanging with you, Being with you and with even telling you his darkest deepest secrets like someone who is even a bestie, why Fix what doesn't need to be broken by opening up a can of worms at this point in time? I agree, it could 'Ruin the relationship.'
    Unless something changes that he is talking More with something in Store, the writing on the wall spells "Close friends" to me. If you say anything that could cause an awkward moment, you may lose something that Could be a potential partnership in time But... right now, Not at this time. He is not ready...
    Good luck. xx

  • Ignore him. I know it sounds crazy, but he will start to think what's wrong with her? And he will worry about you and soon that will bloom into love do yep

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