Should I Be Mad? And Did I Do Something Wrong?

I went on a strange date today. Met this girl at the bookstore yesterday. We chatted up for 5 minutes and I asked to exchange numbers. We then texted for a majority of the night, we added each other on Facebook and then I asked her on a date for today... nothing major, just to grab coffee with me and she agreed.

I met her at the coffee shop today, and she was acting funny. When I showed up, she seemed kinda serious and withdrawn.

When I go on dates, I am a really bubbly guy, always talking, cracking jokes, complimenting the girl (if she looks nice), asking questions about the girl and just being personable.

During the date, she was checking her cell phone a lot. I also kept asking her questions and she was answering them... but she didn't really seem invested. And as soon as I would stop talking the conversation would die.

The date literally lasted 10 minutes. At the beginning of the date, she told me had to leave soon to meet her mother and grandmother for dinner. Prior to the date, she was hanging with them for 3 hours (she told me through text prior to the date). So after we finished our coffee, she left and she unfriended me on Facebook an hour later.

Did I do something wrong?

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I drove 30 minutes to the coffee shop to meet the girl and the date lasted 10 minutes -_-.
Also... I was the best version of myself today and got myself amped up for this date, just to be shot down in a matter of minutes.


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  • She's obviously playing with you. Don't be her toy. Just walk away and forget about her. There are other girls in this world

    • It just really pissed me off. Because here she was, texting me like crazy last night, having a great convo, looking really forward to seeing me... and then she gives me this.

      Like I said, I was really friendly and personable during the date, showed confidence and made sure I was well dressed. Didn't do anything sleezy or inappropriate...

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    • Lol... well, I take pride in my appearance. If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't mind going to the mall with her. i wouldn't mind helping her pick out clothes or having her help me get clothes XD!

    • now i really wish u were my brotherrrrr T. T

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  • It ain't your falt you seem like an amazing guy. Its her lost. And you'll be fine. She's probably just trying to see how long she can string u alone. Don't fall foe that you deserve so much better

    • Well, I deleted her number. I've gone out on dates with women who were no longer interested... so I suspect I won't hear from her again. It just kinda pissed me off... because I lost her interest in under 10 minutes 0_o!

      But... thank you for the compliments.

    • Well no problem you'll find that right girl ik you will.

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  • Who knows... maybe she thought you were going to be something else. At least you tried. Sorry it ended that way...

    • Perhaps you are right. Hard to tell with women these days.

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