How to make him notice me more?

okok some me and this guy have been flirting mad hard. if y'all know what that is. well he tries to talk to me every chance he gets, he calls me lame and he tries to touch me (like in a good way) ill smack him, and he comes back for more. i like wanna date him and it seem like he does to but, i just wanna do something I don't know to make him want me more.. i guess and p. s. were both 15


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  • Where something that will get him excited and where perfume so your scent will haunt him


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  • COok him something really good

  • Has he told you he likes u

    • yeah when we play with each other" he's like i like you , and im like i like you too and the whole bus goes oooooo

    • next time that happens be like i like you more

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