This girl is straight confusing?

So I met this girl two weeks ago through a mutual friend and we hit it off good we would talk to each other a lot throughout the day and we hung out 4 times in one week with a couple of her friends. She even took me out for my bday last week and payed for it even when I said I would pay for it. Now it feels like the way she text changed and I was suppose to take her out on a date last night but she told me she was sick with the cold and had a fever and a sore throat so we had to cancel. What to do with this female?


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  • Do you want to date her? If so make an effort to check in if she's feeling better and re schedule. If not, politely don't ask her to hang out again or she'll get the wrong signal for now. She's into you.

    • I did check to see if she was feeling better 2 days ago but she never texted me back and she has her read receipts on so I know she read it but she never texted me back so I don't know whats going on with her

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