Bah.. drunk texting aftermath.

So about a week ago. One of my friends told me that his neighbor liked me. My friend's girlfriend also called him while hew as drunk and asked for my number drunk. The neighbor then started to texting me. I already kind of had a crush on him too. He started saying things like he wanted to hang out and that he thought I was beautiful. The next day he seemed embarrassed and I told him not to be. We said we would hang out this week. He never texted me again and on friday I said what happen to us hanging out this week. He thought he scared me off. We went to a party on friday night where he was apparently tripping which is not cool in my opinion. But we still talked and then we hung out sober on saturday night as well. in a much smaller group most of them my friends. So I think he felt uncomfortable. I feel like he wants to make a move and isn't or if I'm just not what he expected. I feel like we need to talk about what is going on is both of our heads. He drove me back to my place and we talked about him texting me and him talking to my friend and he it made sound like my friend brought me up which is weird because that's not how my friend put it and he didn't know I like him. He gave me hug and told me he would text me to hang out this week... So I am unsure about him, I think he might be a little bit misguided in his life right now and he might party to much. I like to party some. I am unsure about what I should do.


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  • this guy seems to want to get messed up more than trying to have a relationship, move on because he's not going to be the most responsible or attentive partner.


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  • He lacks the social skills. If you want to try to make something of this how about you call him up and converse this can make him more comfortable around you in the future. Try not to judge him yet he is probly so far in his shell that he can barly move. aha ha


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  • You said it correctly, he is misguided. He does like you but how much is the question? He obviously likes to do those things at parties and maybe feels like he is being judged by you (one possibility) You will never know until you ask and you did but he kind of beat around the bush. To me he is not that into you. Aww the dreaded words. He might think you're hot but he might love his partying too much to give up for a relationship. Move on. Hard to do but meet new guys.

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