Hey guys me and my friend are both really good looking but can't find boyfriends?

Okay so we get hit on all the time. When we go to restaurants guys send us drinks to our tables hit on us etc etc (Just trying to give some perspective).

We are both really smart, active and really humble as well, don't dress slutty. I just want a guy who has the same qualities but can never find it. Attractive, smart and not a player. Is that too hard to find these days?

Why is it guys don't approach us? I always have guys staring at me and I am wondering if were intimidating or something?


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  • What? ! they had the waitress/waiter send you drinks without sending over his number?

    • Yeah all night. It happens often and they wanted to remain anonymous. Is that weird?

    • it;'s not weird, they're weird.

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  • Welcome to my world.
    The biggest thing I've learned is to approach guys yourself, and if it doesn't work out it's not like you'll ever see him again.
    I don't know, guys these days aren't as romantic as they used to be and it's pretty disappointing.
    Good luck. :)

    • But I can't approach them. It's a huge turn off to me to approach a guy... I am really into confident manly guys who are brave enough to approach me if I did the approaching i would get really bored :(