This guy is mad at me, but for what?

I got mad at this guy last Sunday at work. He's like 18 so has like childish humor. He literally compliments my eyes like 48 times a day and asks me how I'm doing. Helps me with everything. But sometimes his jokes get annoying and his personality. Like it's not genuine you know? So I flipped out last week. I called him annoying and he walked away telling his friend upset. I walked to the bathroom to cool off. And I told my co worker in the back and he literally came back there later trying to listen
It was my first time seeing him today and he like acted mad different. Didn't talk to me at all. I mean it's been a week


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  • I think he likes you a lot so got offended with what you said and his friend probably told him to play hard to get.. or something like that. But Yeah you should attempt to talk to him

    • What makes you think he likes me

    • Because a similar thing happened with me and turns out guys just get mad whenever the person they like say something to them that would bring you further apart.. he's probably just sad and upset that he hurt or annoyed you..

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  • You told him he is annoying so he is trying to give you space.

    • Should I apologize

    • Yeah just be like if I came off rude I apologize because I never meant to offend you I just needed some space

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