Is this guy interested in me or not?

So I went to this meetup group at this restaurant. There was a guy in the group who I struck up a conversation with, during the meetup, and seemed to agree with and get a long with that night. As the evening ended, he approached me and asked me where he had seen me from before, pitching out a couple of ideas. The second one he suggested was POF, to which I said, yes, I was a member.

Was he hinting at maybe he was interested? Or is there simply not enough to go on? Or am I just over thinking this?

Okay, I should have added that after we left, and I was on my way home, I recalled him on the POF site too, and that he was on the list of guys who had clicked that they had wanted to meet me. I don't know if that would add anything to this encounter or not.


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is definitely not enough to go on. You've just met the guy, and by what you put down there's no real signs of him showing interest. Update this and let us know what happens.

    • That's fine. I just thought that the mention of him seeing me on dating site might have meant something.

    • Especially since I remember him on the "Want to meet you" section of POF, where you say if you want to meet a particular person.

    • Well yea, I mean if he took the initiative and said he wanted to meet you, even through the use of a dating site, then that's getting somewhere. Keep us updated. Chat with him some more.

What Girls Said 1

  • Defintely see what happens next, if he tries to make conversation then that means he wants to get to know you better so go from that if you're really interested in him then you can even start a conversation on the website but hopefully something happens!