Why didn't he , maybe I'm not as in important anymore?

We text each other everyday because we live long distance it's just nice to , he always texts me first but yesterday he didn't text me all day so later that evening I texted and he seemed ok but said a step nan is poorly so he's been seeing her , which is sad :( but why didn't he message me? He knows I'm always here for him , maybe I'm not as important as I think I am to him? He then said he felt down because he's back at work tomorrow etc. I'm just confused why didn't he text as he does normally :/


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  • He didn't message you one day and he is dealing with a sick nan? It's not even about you. Give him space to deal with things. It doesn't mean you are less important, it means other things are important to him as well.

  • You're so selfish. His nan isn't well and all you care about is who texts first.

    It's not an obligation for guys to always text first.
    And sometimes people do need a break. It's normal.