Did I handle this situation right, giving her my Facebook adress , let her choose to contact me or not?

So i work at a hotel, and there was an entire family staying, and there was one girl i really liked, she looked great. im still in the aftermatch of dealing with a girl who i think has borderline, and whom i deeply love, i want her back, but somehow i do feel a bit better because this girl also seemed very kind. I will try to fix things with the BPD girl, even if i haven't done her any wrong. well today was very busy and hardly had any chance of talking to this girl, so i talked to her grandfather , that he had a very beautfill granddaughter, ofcourse he told her, which i wanted to, and when they were about to leave the hotel, they asked me to take a picture of the family, than they were joking around a bit, that i shouldn't only take pictures of her, i just told them i have to make a few close ups. than she walked back in, and give her a small note, with my Facebook adress on it, told her if she likes to chat sometime, just add me :) normally i would ask hers or her number or something, bt i rather leave her open the option. no hard feelings if she doesn't add me, did i aproach the right way in this situation, because i simply had no chance of talking to her. than later her father walked back in, shaked my hand and told me i have a very good taste, and told me, maybe we will meet again in the future :) im not afraid of asking her contact details and contact her myself but i saw no other option, she seemed a bit shy. so did i handle it right, im just trying to keep open options, im still in love with the girl i shared a miscarriage with but she seems to hate me, i will try to fix things or tell her that i think she has problems, because she has a right to know how much i care about her and how i look back at all the unnecessary stress caused by her behavior and blaming it all on me.


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  • You sound creepy and awkward AF based on the whole story.

    • why do i sound creepy and awkward, so tell me casanova how would you have done it than, ask her directly for her number, thats creepy and seems desperate, to me you sound creepy and extremely awkward, if you are just her to make me feel bad about myself, than i tell you this, fuck off, if you can't even tell me why its creepy and awkward than you are just out here to insult me, i bet you are one those guys who just keeps looking at a girl and fails to take action, well at least your not being creepy and awkward than, TOOL

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    • dude what is your problem, instead of calling someone creepy and awkward you could say, well i would done it differently, appearantly you are only on the look out to make people who are already going through a hard time even feel worse about them, why do i even get angry with your petathic behavior, i dont know you, and we probalby will never meet. any response from now on goes ignored, if you can't respect people, than dont even bother to give them your short minded opinion

    • I'm not gonna baby you I'm not your goddamn mom, toughen up and stop dwelling on how insecure you are life is short so live that shit balls to the walls if not you'll keep posting on here if you did something right which ultimately won't even matter because it was a inconsequential "meeting" with a girl you'll never talk to. Again live outside that box of fears and insecurities you've got yourself cozy in dare to be uncomfortable. You get angry because what I said before I saw your weakness from the start, I'm the troll you are the trolled. I can push buttons because I can see the buttons. But fuck me as a person I suck and I'm rude but goddamn it I'm right about what I'm telling you. There's a fucking woman slayer inside you but your insecurity is holding that fucker hostage... let him loose Hannibal!

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