Hot and cold.. Is he even interested?

I've met this guy in a bar a few weeks ago we kissed that night and he asked for my number, he only texted after 3 days and we've been talking here and there. When we talk he writes these long messages, flattering me and saying how much he wants to see me, but if I don't start the conversation it can take him like 3 days to start one.. we met one more time when he joined my friends and me in a bar and left after a really short while and we didn't even kiss.. I went to his house and stayed over about a week ago and it was fun but I think we went a bit too far, but we both were super into it and had a lot of fun.. Basically he keeps on asking when we could meet and backs off from it or doesn't bother rescheduling if our plans don't go through, is he even into me? Is he a player?


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  • He's probably thinks you're attractive but I caught in two minds about whether or not to proceed or there's another woman/other women he's into more and is putting you on the backburner.

  • probably not that interested, maybe he`s between girlfriends , needs some company but only when it suits him


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