It is confusing to be in love no matter what people say.. so what do you do?

People say guys are soooo easy to read and others say that when you're wondering if your crush likes you, he probably does bevause females have this instinct and they can tell.. also they say if a guy looks at you, he likes you. But it is really hard because when you have a crush on someone you tend to read into things and even imagine things. Like with my current crush sometimes I feel like yeah it's possible he likes me with signs like jealousy, teasing, bring sweet and funny and looking at you, noticing first in a crowd. But how many of these things can you really rely on? And other times this guy totally ignores me etc and I feel like wow of course he doesn't like me. Do yeah do you guys have this too and are there any solid ways to tell?


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  • The only fool proof way is to makeout with him, and see if he stops you

    • Hahah yeah And it pretty much sucks there isn't a wsy without letting him know you like him

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    • make out with him

    • Hahaha

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