I have fallen for a guy who likes me for me, so why aren't we together?

So I met him through one of my court members its her baby brother.
We talked a little bit and things were fun, some flirty, some sexual, but always fun talking for hours at a time.
We finally got hang out last weekend, I fell hard for him. He says I am everything he wants in a girl, im two years older than him, he is 17, and i just turned 19, but he perfers me to be older, he loves tall black girls (I'm 5"10) as opposed to anything else. But above all, he likes his girls thick and curvy, he even has screen shots on his phone of me from before he even met me, and was suprised we would actually meet.
I told him i gained about 20 pounds since the picture he adores and he actually like me bigger! He makes me feel less insecure about my appearance, he actually loves to squeeze and rub my tummy and he lets me be myself around him, flaws and all.
But here is my issue, he has a gf, they have only been together for about 3 months, because he goes to a all boys private school and can only bring dates to dances and such from their sister school, no outsiders.
He has told me if he could take me he would, because the girl is beautiful, but no one he is sexually attracted to, complete opposite of me.
I trust what he says but i still get upset we cannot be forth comming with our relationship due to the circumstances, because I'ma pageant queen I have to stay single, the age gap (I live in California) , his sister being my friend, and the gf, should I just wait it out till gradation in May or give him an a choice to make?


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  • You his side chick...

    You being played gurl

    • I thought being a side chick means you have sex with them, we haven't done anything sexual and I have told him if he tried anything while being with her, we cannot be friends, he understood and even blows her off to hang out with me.

      But I totally get what you're saying, and thank you

    • the guy is 17.

      He is excited enough that he is able to "already" have another girl on the side...

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