Why do I feel like I am being needy and desperate?

I went on a date on Tuesday, and it was great. I met the guy twice that day, it was a tinder date.
Things went well but i didn't really see him as a future type of boyfriend and he did let me know he wasn't looking for anything serious and joked about how i was such a good girl.. we kissed during our date.. He drove me home and kissed me goodnight.
Next day i respectfully texted him thanks for the dinner and for last night, and wished him a happy new years.
He replied and said thanks the same and happy new years :)

NOW i dont know why that made me feel needy and desperate. He hasn't contacted me yet.. so i doubt he is interested?


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  • He hates you


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  • Dont feel needy and desperate, you paid your thanks and offered him a little happy message wishing him well with the new year. If you begin to text him without him doing the same THEN you may want to think that you may be looking a little desperate

    • Im not contacting him

  • Lol whaaat.. you just said he's not future
    bf material? He obviously isn't interested that much. Come on its tinder lol

    • I know i know. But still :p dont thinkill contact him

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