Is being friends the new of saying that your dating someone?

I'm relizing that now a days that people mainly guys are saying that they want to be friends. But its almost like a relationship or dating. They constantly texting or hanging out or even are sexual on the daily basis. So is being friends the new way of saying that you are dating some? It seems that way to me.


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  • I think that is they way kids are approaching things these days. For some reason they have turned dating into a social event. I think it is more a way to get women to calm down. Women don't seem to ever want anything that resembles commitment. so instead of saying boyfriend/girlfriend they do it that way. But usually by your age both sex's are past those games.

  • Friend+boy=boyfriend

    It sounds less harsh and more welcoming when people call it 'friends' but I think they want more.

    • Thank you. Its just weird because I hear it a lot from people I know

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