Guys: if u like a girl (who is only a "friend" to u), do u avoid telling her. If ur seeing anyone else? Why? Or why not?

Guys if u have a female who is. A good friend of urs, why would u avaoid telling herif ur seeing someone? Is it because u like her?

  • likes her/ wants to avoid offending her
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  • he isn't serious with the girl he's "seeing"
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  • both
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  • Sometimes it difficult to tell a friend you like them becuase if it doesn't turn out good then you will lose a friend becuase of avoidence.

    • A buddy of mine was recieveing msgs from someone who he appeared to be arguing with and he showed the message to his buddy but not to me and he wouldn't tell me what it was then he answered me: I'm not quite ready to know yet... do u think its another girl? Or is it a personal problem?

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