I'm 5'2" and 29. I haven't had a relationship last more than 5 months. Will I be alone forever?

The second to last relationship I had was with a woman I thought was almost completely compatible with me. But our personalities clashed so much that she broke up with me and cut me out of her life. The last relationship I was in was out of desperation, and I realized I couldn't make it last so that ended. Neither of these lasted more than two months. I've messaged at least 40 women on OKC, and have gotten 5 replies and three first dates that went no where. Is it my height or is something else getting in the way? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for all of your responses. I was having a crappy day, or at least it felt that way. I'm starting to feel better but I need to feel useful. Things just haven't been going my way, and I'm hoping to turn that around by working on another degree and getting another more satisfying job.


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  • You know, I knew this guy, who I guess liked me, and I never respected him, or even think about him, despite having hung out with him as friends quite a bit.

    Why? The guy was a total tool. He used to purposely try to bring down my self-esteem because he knew I didn't like him, and thought I'd eventually say yes if I just felt that no one loved me. He'd watch me miserable, and instead of trying to encourage me, he'd act as though he was a sympathetic ear, while adding more fuel to the fire by engaging me with more negative thoughts.

    He never worked hard for anything, was desperate for a girl's attention, he KNEW I didn't like him, but still ran after me, and after all of that, acted as though I was the bad guy here.

    He was a jerk, and I'm so happy that I never have to see him again.

    And there's another guy I know, who is the total opposite of him. Although he isn't a looker, he worked so hard, secured himself a great job, and actually cares about me. Not fake caring, where he doesn't mind me being miserable if it means he's going to get me in the end, but actually cares. He's short, he's not even rich, but I respect and admire him, because he turned every single flaw of his, and made himself a winner.

    You have a choice of who YOU want to be, nothing, age, looks, height, matters as much as society tells you it does. The person you become, how much you work on YOURSELF, that will pay off in the long run, and that's what people will gravitate towards.


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  • Everyone can be an asshole, be a gentleman

  • The girls need to come to you on those sites. Don't make your height an issue because it won't be one to all the women you meet. Be outgoing and just see what happens.