What motivates her to be so hatefull, childish , ignorant towards me etc?

I love this girl to death, we shared a lot of special moments, intimate moments, sex, a failed pregnancy, and now after all we bin through, she is very cruel to me and i dont know what motivates her to treat me so unfairly. After some days of radio silence, on my behalve, i dropped in some of her favorite sweets, in her mail box because i knew she was about to get home from vacation. What do i get as a response, a picture of her daughter, her niece, with their arms crossed , looking angry. After sending it to me, she blocked me again on whats app. Her behavior is childish, and off to the chart BPD. Well eventually she has to live with the guilt of treating someone who deepls cares for her so badly. what motivates her, what is she trying to achieve, clearly im still on her mind.



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  • I dont know, this is weird. Maybe you are annoying her, and that is what makes her act like this. Try not to contact her and see if she does. Have you tried asking her whats wrong?

    • well if i only knew how im annoying her, she even blames the miscarriage she had of our child on me, she was the one smoking, drinking cafeine 24/7 , stressing about everything. i did nothing more than dropping her favorite sweets in the postbox, bet she even ate them, and than this childish response. she annoys herself, im not doing anything wrong to her, and i have enough reason to get angry with her insults. im not gonna ask her anything, i will surprise her with my kindness, in 2 weeks time ill give her , her Christmas gift and tell her, regardless of how much you try to insult me, provoke me , im still the same person you liked, and still like, clearly im still on your mind. i will not let you get the best of me. hope you enjoy the gift, much love xxx

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  • She loves the the attention you give her. She likes you chasing after her, it probably makes her feels powerful. She probably feels so relaxed with you she can treat you any how.

    • well not gonna respond to that childish BS,, i will surprise her with my unlimitted kindess, and probably i get a better result out of that, instead of responding to this BPD 3 year old kiddie behavior of hers, never done her any wrong, she knows that better than anyone else. im not going to write her a single thing, clearly im still on her mind, else she wouldn't be doing this, well i will surprise her, ill go to her place somewhere in 2 weeks time, and kindess will ruin her day.

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    • You have to be abit more sensitive to her because of the miscarriage. It's very bad thing to happen to women. Just bring her happiness. Take her away she probably getting bad memories.

    • trust me dude, i have bin, were i was sitting at home shedding some tears of my own she was drinking 3 botttles of whiskey with some other people at her home, with a 7yo in the house, 2 weeks after the miscarriage. irresponsible if you ask me, i want to bring her that gift, she likes adidas a great deal, and this one particulair football club, so im going to get printed on that adidas sweater, she can wear it in house, its very warm and comfortable, and unique. i do want to take her to other places, but eventually i have to make her aware of her bad behaviour, and cruel actions towards me... because i didn't deserve that, and she should grieve together with me, and be more open