A little insight here men? Or anyone?

I know you see similar things pop up a lot. I try to read through stuff before asking. I'm just still really confused by him. I don't know if he's just really shy on general or just around me. I have observed him talking to others, but mostly guys or married couples. The only single ladies are my friends who happened to be with me and yes he does seem not as nervous or stuttering with them vs. Me. I just don't wish to waste my time or his if he's not really interested in me like that but really nice. Are guys like that? Really nice when not interested? I initiate all of our convos... But he will talk. Albeit its kinda awkward as he either stumbles over words or talks too fast for me to answer or keep up. He does look at me instead of the speaker sometimes or at least when I have managed to catch him. He will let us hold eye contact briefly before looking away. He will inch up to me while talking and he has touched me once before other than a hand shake but it was like 2 months ago now. So... He gives off some signs but there is enough doubt I just don't know if I should keep pushing it. Should I bring it up? How? I don't wish to scare him off or cause him to back off by my wording... I can be blunt, so I have to really think of what to say... Hence, me asking all of you! Well?


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  • I love my husband to bits but I am not the talker in our relationship, so singling or excluding someone cos they aren't a chatter box is a disservice to both of you tbh

    • Thanks, but that doesn't help me. I'm trying to give him a chance, really but we are apart a lot. I don't see him much as we don't hang in same socials a lot. Its emotionally exhausting for me. I feel really good before, during and after I see him and then cuz he doesn't call or text and I don't have a way to initiate that ad of yet... I get down thinking its my imagination and he is just being nice...

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