Do I have any reason to worry about my relationship, or am I just over - thinking?

I had a wonderful night with my boyfriend recently. He was kind, and we held hands, he paid for everything and told me I looked beautiful. The following day, we texted normally, but I began worrying about everything I said and over - analyzing everything he responded with. He told me he loved me so much, apologized when he had to leave and asked if he could text me later when he was busy, but I am still scared I have done something wrong. The main problems stems from when I said that I felt closer to him, and he said he was really glad that I'd said it {after I told him that I felt as though I'd made the situation awkward}, but when I asked why, he just said "IDK". I'm not possessive, I just interpret things in ways possibly not intended. This happens quite regularly, however, my over - thinking is at its worst point, currently. I find myself perpetuating ideas of him losing interest in me, not loving me anymore and it gets so bad that I cry, and I have no appetite. This may seem overly dramatic and as though I am needy, clingy and too attached, but I feel as though my insecurities contribute to my worries. Do I have to worry? Does it seem as though nothing has changed between us? Would he see me the exact same as he did the other night? Do I have any reason to be scared that his texts indicate a loss of interest? And how do I stop over - thinking if I actually don't need to worry?


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  • why would he see you differently?

    I think you are over-analyzing and perhaps going to go down a path of self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • So I don't need to be worried? Nothing has changed?

    • I don't think anything has changed. Take things a day at a time, and don't get too worked up... good luck!

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  • Stop overthinking everything and just relax

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