Girlfriend of 3 years moved out after she met a male friend secretly, she said it's because I'm insecure?

My girlfriend moved out after I caught her meeting another guy from nursing school secretly at a restaurant and now things are different. She is 28 and I'm 35, she has no kids and I have 2 boys full time. She has always been there for me and the kids but after this not so much. she's also getting ready to take her state boards for nursing and that's weighing heavy on her. Not sure what to do because I love her so much but she's not even wanting to talk about our future like she used to.

I've even paid for all of her nursing school because I though she was the one :-/


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  • Sorry to say man but the secret friend is most likely a guy she is dating. Her saying you are in secure is her way of shifting the blame. I've been there and it sucks. This is a red flag in my book. Got to ask yourself why couldn't she have just said I'm going to meet an old friend yes he's a guy but just a friend. But instead she is seeing him secretly? It's because she has more Intentions with him than just friends. Sorry to say man. Best of luck in this situation.


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  • That's not it... She did it for him


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  • Well, I mean... if you were insecure about the relationship, you had every right to be! She stepped out on you, confirming your insecurities... if you were insecure about the relationship.

    In short... forget her. She isn't worth your time, man!