He does not have feelings for me?

I hung out with a guy friend I have known for a few weeks. He told all us girls he just wanted to meet people and not relationship ready. Divorced 4 years ago and just starting to get back out there now it looks like. He had another girl after that before me to but that did not work out either.

The first night we hung out I had a bit of a thing for him. He ended up making a move. We end up kissing. One thing leads to another and we have sex.

We have hung out a few times since as friends and I start really liking him, no sex. Just enjoying spending time with him.

Last night I ask him so you don't mind us hanging out alone together? Our other friend is usually with us. He said no then went on about being each other's wing man and stuff while out.

I asked him. So you don't see anything happening here? He said I don't think we are compatable because I have kids.

I mentioned the kid thing does not bother me and if I know this going into something I am okay with it. He says we don't know each other that well. I say we can get to know each other over time. I am not the type that forces anything. Just would like to see where it goes. If it does it does if it doesn't it doesn't.

I asked about my friend. He mentions not going there with my friend as well because it will definitely get even more complicated then. He respects both our feelings enough not to,

Feeling bummed. We have great sex and get along so well together. He says he enjoyed it, I get along well with his kids to and reminded him of that. Yes. Yes. That saying comes to mind he is just not into you.

But why did he even bother making moves in the first place? He reckons it was not a one night stand cause we see each other quite regularly, both of us did not think what we did was a mistake either.

I am glad we spoke about it, then it won't play on my mind to much but can't help how I felt.

The whole time we hung out last night the heart was going fast and that rarely happens for me. I just think it sux how you can feel like something is there but then they go say all that.


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  • He is probably not ready to jump in something serious. I think he is only interested in the sex, no matter how good you get along and etc.

  • Nah man I don't know go with your guy, i did not wanna read all that haha