Did he loose interest in me?

To make a long story short I got out of a long term relationship a little bit ago and I just started dating so I'm a bit rusty and confused to the whole dating scene. So I started talking to this guy on Tindr and we really hit it off. He would text me all day everyday for a couple weeks and was begging to meet me. When I finally agreed to meet him he said that he liked me but wanted to get to know me before getting too serious which I'm fine with. We met twice now and whenever we hang out we really hit it off, I can't tear him off of me, but now the all day everyday text messages dwindled into a short and to the point conversations. I don't get it. In person he's crazy about me, begs me not to go home, even sets up future dates to see me, but when were apart I'm lucky if he says good morning. I thought what he wanted was purely physical but then he made mention that he wanted to wait before getting intimate. I'm confused, why the sudden drop off? Why did he go from texting all day to now barely at all?


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  • I don't get what the problem is. If you two are still seeing eachother , but less texting when you're apart It's really no big deal.