Am I too close to his friend zone, or is he too close to mine?

Okay, so there's this guy that I met about four months ago, and if I didn't believe in love at first sight before I saw him, I most definitely do now. We would talk often, and it turned out we shared a great deal of mutual friends. We came closer and closer but as he rejected girl after girl I began to believe I had no chance with him. Then on New Years, I confessed to him how I felt, and as it turns out, he feels the same way. As of yesterday, we are official. But after the way it ended with my last boyfriend I'm afraid ad hurting him and therefore hurting myself. What can I do to help myself feel more secure when I'm with him?


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  • A little unclear what you mean.. other than you are perhaps looking for an excuse not to really care for him.

    I mean you do what anyone does in a relationship. You guard your heart, build your friendship and take it step by step.

    • Yeah I know you have to take it "step by step." But WTF are the steps? It's not like there's a book!

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    • Woah woah woah I am not talking about marriage here.

    • I didn't say that you were going for marriage. Read carefully what I said. I said you DONT go for that right away... you do all these other things. You ask "WTF are the steps" so I gave you some steps.

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