Do you feel that you are too emotionally sensitive?

Have you discovers through your dating relationships that you seem to be more emotionally sensitive than others? What did you do about it (sometimes it's a good thing some times bad)?


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  • I'm terrible. Im such a cling on and serious type when dating. The rest of the time I'm perfectly normal

    • Have you done anything to try and temper your emotions when you are seeing someone? I have a series of questions that are coming to mind as I think back to something someone told me - they were casually dating so that they didn't get too attached to any one person - if one person wanted to move on, they had other (s) they were still seeing. In a way, this approach might be partly successful. I do believe that if you truly like someone, it won't matter how many other people you date. If the person you truly like decides to move on, your still hurt.

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    • I agree with you. I'm working now mainly to take my mind off of things. It's not really working as I miss my guy like mad but at least I'm trying

    • Good for you! I found myself writing poems, songs and such (way out of character for me) to help; but I'm more of a hands on person so I need distracting projects. ... but remember, in some cases (though not 24/7) that strong emotion is awesome and others need to see it.

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  • i fell like sometimes my friends dont understand me, i feel like they dont know how is like to love someone they only know what is be in love.

    • It's a blessing and curse to have strong emotions. Appreciate the positive and find ways (looking for folks to offer their ideas here) to minimize the downside.

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  • I try to be.

    • You try to be *too* emotionally sensitive?

    • Yes. I imagine it would make those around me happy to know that I am at least somewhat human.

  • Fortunately (or unfortuantely) I'm the opposite.

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