Lots of questions for someone new to this liking stuff. If you can help please do! I really need the advice?

First off I just wanted to give a little background. We met over the internet and started talking in August. We recently just met. I really like her and she says she really likes me too. On to the meat and bones here


The next time we hangout I promised her that I'd plan a nice romantic day. :) So I have no idea what to dooo, like I've come to the fact that I want to take her to a nice restaurant and treat her nice but I don't know what else. We already saw a movie together. I was thinking take her to some nice historic town near where I live and get food and walk around see some cool sights. :) Good idea? I also want to get her a flower, red rose? I feel like she'd like that. I'm not good with flowers but do you girls like any other kinds of flowers. I feel like if I ask she's going know I bought her one lol.


Okay so she says she really likes me but when I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend she said soon. I wanna ask her in person, but why did she say soon. Like I get she doesn't wanna rush things or anything but am I missing something?


How do we tell our parents? I am 100% positive the internet is a smart answer to say. Do you guys know any good ideas for that? Like I want it to be good so they don't ask toooo many questions. I really want to tell mine about her, but I've never had a gf or any girl into me so I'm not sure how I'd tell them. How do I tell them?


How do we handle distance, like we only live 40 minutes away, and I should feel lucky that we're that close to each other. I get we can't see each other everyday but how do I keep her wanting me? Instead of wanting someone closer. I don't know...


We talk everyday about all day, but is this smart? Like I love it and I think it's amazing. She makes me happy and I wanna talk to her all dayy, but I don't want her to get bored with me. How do we keep everything fresh?


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  • 1) the restaurant and walk around town is a great idea. it gives you a chance to get to know each other. plus it's an opportunity to hold hands. (might just be me, but i love that) and if you think she'd like the rose, go with your gut for sure on that one.

    2) don't panic on her saying soon. since you just recently met, it's normal for her to want to take a second to see if the guy she met online is the guy that's in front of her.

    3) meeting someone on the internet and explaining it to people is tough. some will accept it, some won't. it is what it is at this point though, you've already met each other in person so i would just tell the truth, you can't change how people feel about that.

    4) don't bombard her with texts, but i personally like good morning texts or midday texts. not that texts at night are less wanted, but if you text me while you're doing something i'll feel like you miss me even when you're busy. and that's a huge plus. i wouldn't read too much into distance. even people who live 20 minutes away from each other can't always see if each other if they don't live together. you just have to make time for one another--weekends, 3 days a week, whatever will work.

    lastly, i hate to say it, but i don't think it's a good idea to text *all* the time. when you're in a new relationship you always try to keep the person happy, but then the moment your texting pattern falls out of whack you might think somethings wrong. that might not happen to you but just a scenario. keep her happy by being honest, and both of you should be on the same page with your expectations, and it should work out.

    • Thank you for the advice! I feared no one would answer.

      1st- Yes! I shall do that, I would love it. Hopefully it's cold so I can wrap my arm around her haha :D

      2nd- Yeah, that's a good point. She said I'm just as she imagined, we'll see! Like I think she just wants to spend more time first together or something I'm not worried. But I would like to make it official cause she's perf.

      3rd- I get we already met in person but I feel like saying it to our "old school" parents won't be appreciated.

      4th- Yes I'm fine with it! I think it's better to see each other not like everyday. But I do miss her :X

      Last- Ughh lol, this is the one thing with me I love talking all day. She actually wants to text all day too that's the thing. I feel like it's not a good idea to text less now cause we may be in that pattern already. woops. Which I don't mind because I'm a talker. Even if we just put :)'s all the time.

    • lol well okay then. for number 3 maybe Skype/facetime or something. even if it's just a few minutes. that way you both know you're thinking about each other and making time but you don't have to meet up physically. still not sure what to suggest for number 2. unless you lie there probably isn't a way to soften the blow of "we met online". until your parents get to know you guys maybe try avoiding the question? lol I don't know. and last, if you love talking, don't let me stop you at all! lol like i said, just try to keep on the same page. communication is key.

    • hah, yeahhh we'll figure it outt. that's for sure. Ugh, I'm new to this stuff so I don't wanna F it up :O

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