My boyfriend wants to marry, how to tell him how I feel without hurting him?

Im at 19 year old girl and my boyfriend is 23! We are both really big on our religion. Lately I been sinning such as: smoking weed, getting drunk, and also going places not covered behind his back! We been talking for a year and dating for a week and he already want to settle down, marry, movie to Saudi Arabia, and have kids. I do love him but Im speechless!

I forgot to say that we are both Muslim! My parents are against us dating/talking because he's Middle Eastern and im black. They are "sorta" racist! But I'm not so it shouldn't matter


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  • Well first off it doesn't matter what your parents think... second tell him what you did but you know when he's in a good mood and your alone with him... and if your not ready to get married let him know... to be honest you really dont have to tell him the thinks you did unless you want to.

    • I want to tell him because he's always honest and straight forward with me. He's a "disgrace" to his family because as soon he turned 20 he supposed to marry. I don't want him to feel alone. I do love him but it's too much happening so fast to be 19. Then I do know Saudi Arabia are the true Muslims and the way they do things. I don't want him to get caught up and so into it to the point it reflect me and other women

    • Well then tell him... lay it all on the table

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  • y'all motherfuckers need Jesus

    • Read your sentence before commenting sweetheart. It's more to the story just a lot to get into.