If a guy likes you, and you don't like him?

Is it worth it to give him a shot?

I *suspect* he likes me, I'm not sure.

I am afraid that if I make it too obvious/approach him for a date, IF I'm mistaken, the whole thing would be very embarrassing as we have common friends.
Would he tell?

Also do guys generally care what their friends think of his girlfriend?

In general though, I'm wondering this: if a person, not a specific guy, but any guy asked you out and he really liked you, is it worth it to give it to him.

I heard somewhere, marry the guy that loves you, not the guy that you love, because he'd take better care of you. And those feelings toward him eventually develop


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  • Always give the guy a shot as long as he hasn't done anything wrong to you!
    From the way you structured your description, it sounds like you like him as well, otherwise you wouldn't be worried about making it obvious/approaching him for a date. If you are worried about mutual friend, do the whole thing in private and If it doesn't work, nobody has to know!

    Guys will care what his friend think of his girlfriend, but not a lot if he really likes the person. The reason they do care is because the girl will reflect the type of person he is.
    So if he's dating huge sluts then his friends might see him as a player and such, hopefully you understand that

    • I'm just generally very, very sensitive, and it would bother me if he found out I liked him, especially if he didn't like me back. It especially annoys me that he has a girl in his profile picture, but that has nothing to do with me, (although if he liked me, why would he profile a picture of a girl, he'd want to keep his single status more obvious).

      I am a bit of a dork in real life, I'm attractive, but I'm certainly a geek, I don't know if that would bother him, or the type of impression he's hoping to make on his friends.

      One thing though: I'm way prettier than his friends' girlfriends. I don't know if I'm a bad person for saying that.

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    • Don't worry about the geeky part, it's a good thing

      Look, i'll tell you a personal example
      The girl i'm dating now is amazing, and I adore her, but during early on I saw a picture of her and some guy who I didn't know (ahem I was stalking), she had her arms locked together in a sort of cutesy shot and I was totally intimidated, until one of my friends did some counter stalking when I freaked and found out the guy was a cousin of hers and he was younger than she was. Believe me, it was a huge relief. The point is, I totally blew this out of proportion and over-thought something small and insignificant, what I recommend you do is ignore his pictures and stuff because it's really bloody tempting but it's very unhealthy. unfollow him on Facebook and don't go looking at his pictures, it personally made my life way better once i did it

    • If you really want to know what his relationship status is, the only way is to ask, you don't have to do it directly, ask around and be discrete if you want, i'm sure you're creative. But you if you really want him, you need to take action. so GOOD LUCK!

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  • See what he's about, without leading him on too much. Maybe you'll start liking em. If not then don't drag em along.

    • He let me be my punching bag, I was really frustrated once and took it out on him, and he didn't complain.

      Is this a sure sign that he has at least some feelings for me? I would only take crap from someone I cared about.

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    • Sometimes being playful is fun.

    • Yeah if the person at the other end is being playful back

  • I would hope she should feel the exact same amount as he does you. it would be unfair to the both of you if it was less

    • I wouldn't ever use his liking against him. I just think he'd be good for me.

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  • give him a shot? why would i waste his time and mine? dont lead him on... that's slack. if u dont feel it, then dont do it.

  • I would give him a change. However, I will be myself. If he can handle me. Then no problem to spend time with him.