Does any girl go out person like me?

Hey, I'm just curios to know if girl go out with me. My nature is little complex for me too, I have combined nature of a (geek, dweeb, nerd), but i can talk normally too, i love to talk to other people but because of my introvert nature it is hard, Actually I'm kinda boring in many case, i usually don't have much to talk, spent most of childhood without any close friend, Its not like that i can't talk on serious topic, i can even crack some jokes too. I love coding and games, dance, music (mix genre). I like traveling too but prefer alone. I don't have much interaction with girl (not counting my mother and sister), i helped few in there projects basically. I'm 22 year old now and right now working as game programmer so interaction with girls these days is almost 0. Somehow i manage to create adaptive personality so my voice, thinking change with situations and emotions. So is there any chance?

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ty for your opinion and i looking forward for some suggestion too.


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  • You just said your boring and basically have no social life.
    Who is attracted to that?

  • I think no because you said yourself your boring, not sure tbh