Why does he initiate conversation with me but then doesn't text back?

Due to my current job, I am living in another state. However, in a few months, I will be moving back to the town he lives at (he knows this). Hung out once (was talking to him few weeks before we met), spent all morning and afternoon talking. During that time he told he liked me and was very talkative. He kept encouraging me to tell him more of myself, he seemed very interested. Afterwards he told me he really enjoyed being with me. Yet, when I left, he always initiates conversation (via text) with me but then doesn't reply. Told him before I don't appreciate it. He says he's usually busy, yet I know he has enough time to go out drinking. I'm the type of person that believes if you want something, you make time and go for it. Am I wrong?


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  • Have you tried upping your game in texts? I once was trying to flirt with a girl a lot. I would initiate with something a bit playful and she would come back with bald one-liners. EG:

    Me: "it's so hot I can't wait to catch some waves... Are you a beach girrrl? :-)"

    Her: "yeh I like the beach"

    I gave up after a while and then her friend told me she actually really liked me and she was upset I didn't' keep texting. I had no idea.

    Maybe you are already great on texts but if you add some questions, a bit of cheekiness, some flirtiness, even some emoticons to let him know what you're feeling maybe you're more likely to hook him in?

    • I have tried that all as well. I always try to throw some humor into them too lol. Even suggested that we Skype. Was just hoping to get some kind of explanation on someone acting as such since I see none. Almost feels like I should just give up. Thank you so much for your answer! :)

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