Ways woman act after rejecting someone directly or indirectly?

hi, everyone

i am asking this to learn that where did i go wrong so i dont make another mistake with someone else.

this woman is older than me, i mean 10 years older. we went out once and it went great. i mean we spent 3.5 hours talking on a lunch date. she works with me and she is in management.

we never went out again and we never talked on phone except few conversation. i told her that i like her and would like to have her as my gf. she talks with me in very friendly manner and will do stuff if i ask her to do. like smokes or coffee or some change

she doesn't seem to talk about dating at all so i just dont have any idea what the heck is going on. i told her, i am done and i won't be friends with her as i know i won't be honest with the woman i DESIRE.

she still talks with me in a same way, laugh on my jokes, asks me questions. so what the heck?

girls, how would you guys react after rejecting someone by saying NOTHING at all to him. would you say to the guy that you trust him after he is done with you? we were not friends before.

even i asked her what doesshe mean by she trust me. again no answer at all.


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  • She seems to like your company. Maybe you might want to give her time to process? I'm not imposing just a suggestion. Maybe it's because of the age gap why she is hesitant in answering your questions and/or your feelings. It seems likely that she likes you too, only that she is in the middle of processing.
    Most girls act distant when they reject someone but there are also cases like, "Let's just be friends" or "Let's be friends, for now and see how it goes" rejection. The statements speak for themselves... i think. Maybe she's on the latter and just thinking about it. You never really know.

    Girls are hurricanes.


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