What to do when the person your seeing is what you need now but not what you want?

So I'm, for lack of better terms, talking to/seeing this girl (will call C) who I dated a year ago. When she ended things with me the first time she said it was because she wasn't sure what she wanted as she was recently single and in some ways I think I smothered her a bit. 6 months later I met and started dating a women (will call S) who defined everything I was looking; however, this relationship was long distance and she too had just gotten out of a long term relationship. Eventually she ended things for reason I still fully don't understand. Its been 4 months since S broke up with me. C and I have been talking/ seeing each other again for 2 months on the condition of nothing serious until January. Well Jan. is here and I'm confused on how I feel. On one hand I enjoy spending time with her and am attracted to her; however, on the other I don't feel the level of intimacy that I did with S and am concerned that if I start putting more effort forth she'll just run away again. On top of that I think I'm stillnot over S. The problem is that most of the time women break up with me because they tend to feel like I'm too needy. By taking it slow with C I'm teaching myself not to be so needy which is good but I'm not content and feel like were missing a connection. So I don't know if I should end things with C (which I feel like a jackass for doing) or just tough it out ad see if things improve or fall apart on their own?


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  • Take what need. Not what you want


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