Shy introverted guy. how can delete that and become the guy women actually notice?

as said above i am really shy, or at least i hate approaching women (bad experiences mostly) that i can find the courage to ever try again, what to do? am i doomed?


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  • Not doomed, I assure you. This just takes time. Although the best I can give you is you need to man up and get the courage to talk to women again. I might be young but I know how it is to be a girl-if not a woman, maybe it would be best if I refer to myself and the others as the female species. Anw, maybe you're barking at the wrong tree or the opposite. Keep trying though, you never know.
    Also being introverted is not bad, and you don't need to get noticed like be on the hot list immediately, you should take your time. Get to know them, be on the friendzone first and then go for the kill. It usually helps especially when you're shy.

    • you ever heard of the friend that became the lover? i didn't cause it never happens, someone gets friendzoned for a reason. ;)

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    • seems reasonable, only problem for me is, i dont meet a lot of people especially not girls, sad i know but moving from germany to australia didn't really help loosing my friends and starting from scratch again. but i'll keep in mind what you said and maybe "someday" i will get a shot at life ;)

    • You'll find her. Someday.

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